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The PIME Missionaries are Catholic priests and brothers who commit themselves to lifelong missionary service, especially to non-Christians. PIME's priority is the proclamation of the Gospel. We strive to be creative in our presence and witness as we engage in the promotion of dialogue among people of all religions and cultures. We are actively involved in human development and the promotion of justice and peace. Our ministries include the foundation of schools, hospitals and clinics, orphanages, and founding new Catholic communities and providing their pastoral care.

  • History


    The PIME Missionaries have their roots in the Lombard Seminary for Foreign Missions and the Pontifical Seminary of Sts. Peter and Paul for Foreign Missions. PIME (The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) came into being on July 30th, 1850 in Saronno, Milan, a commune of Lombardy, Italy. This was all thanks to the great heart of Pius IX, who gave a fervent push for foreign missions.

    76 years later, PIME was officially founded by Pius IX Iin 1926, when he united the seminaries of Milan (1850) and Rome (1871). The two merged to become the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, Pontificium Institutum pro Missionibus Exteris, or the name we know and use today, PIME.

  • Charity works

    Our charitable works serve to act as a beacon of hope for others from our Mission Center in the United States across the rest of the globe. Through our Sponsorships at a Distance program we provide aid for needy children, youth, disabled, and seminarians. Our Mission Projects program offers opportunities to help our mission communities with specific projects such as creating medical clinics, clean water initiatives, housing construction, and building orphanages and chapels.

    We cannot do it alone. Our missionaries need assistance to do what they do best. It's our job to provide what these dedicated men need to transform lives and bring hope, relief, and support to the underprivileged.

  • Dedication to others

    Our missionary Priests and Brothers service the underprivileged in 17 countries, bringing them hope, healing, and the Gospel message. These men commit themselves to lifelong missionary service to transform lives, both physically and spiritually, the world over.

    It's our dedication to others to change the mentality of an individual, village, or community, to better others lives through the Gospel. We go into the toughest places and start from scratch, because these places need God the most, and God needs them. Throughout our history, some of these dedicated men have died as Martyrs serving in the missions, or have been recognized by the church through Sainthood.

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stories from our missions

The PIME missionaries work among the most underprivileged communities in the world in seventeen countries. We support human development and encourage social justice and peace in underdeveloped areas of nations including: Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Ivory Coast, Myanmar, Mexico, The Philippines, Japan, Guinea-Bassau, India, Italy, Papau New Guinea, Thailand, and the United States. See Stories from our missions to discover the depth of our missionaries' work.

  • Algeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • Cameroon
  • China
  • India
  • Ivory coast
    Ivory Coast

ways you can help pime

The PIME Missionaries can't do what they do alone. They depend on us to meet the very real needs of our missions, as they cannot access everything needed while serving in the missions. There are 3 ways you can help PIME touch the lives of others all over the world: Donate, Volunteer, and Support.

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  • Guineabisseau Mission in Bangladesh
  • Detroit Mission in Detroit
  • India Mission in India
  • Mexico Mission in Mexico
  • Thailand Mission in Thailand

how you're helping
us save the world

We're not in the missions for the glory or the pride of preaching the Gospel. We're there to live the Gospel and spread the primary mission of the Church: to "go and make disciples of all nations". When modern missionaries leave our native lands, we bring with us the tools of a modern world. We utilize these tools in order to foster human development in otherwise neglected corners of the globe. Our missionaries provide modern solutions, such as solar power and water purification, to address age-old issues of survival. We provide for the physical needs of communities so that we can better address their spiritual needs as well.

Since 1850, we've actively serviced and continue to serve 17 countries with about 500 PIME priests and brothers. We've built more than 2,000 churches and chapels and continue to support many hospitals, clinics, schools, orphanages, and shelters.



The entire purpose of PIME Missionaries is to apply the teachings of the Gospel across different cultures. We aim to transform the lives of entire communities. From the time PIME was founded in 1850 to the present day, PIME's priests and brothers have been guiding lights in places lacking the Word of Jesus Christ. It's the sole purpose of missionary work to provide hope and healing, not only to those in poor or suffering countries, but to those in wealthy and well-developed countries as well. We need you to join us in proclaiming the Word of Jesus Christ, healing bodies and spirits, establishing new Catholic communities, and providing for the physical needs of our missionaries and those they serve. Will you stand by our side in supporting social justice, regardless of one's religious affiliations?

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