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We, the PIME Missionaries, are Catholic Priests and Brothers who dedicate ourselves to be lifelong messengers of the Gospel to those who have not yet heard the Word of God.

PIME (The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) was born in 1850 from a burning passion for the poor, and the need to witness God's love to those who had never known it. 

So, Servant of God Bishop Angelo Ramazzotti, along with Pope Pius IX gave life to the first Italian Missionary Seminary. Eventually, in 1947, PIME was invited to the United States by Archbishop Cardinal Mooney and eventually settled in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Just as it was in those first days in the country, our Mission remains the same: to spread news of the silent struggles of our brothers and sisters in the missions and to connect them those whose spirits burn with the need to help.


Lasting Change

Children are subject to their environments.  Consequently, in many of the countries where we work children are often victims of a poverty that they cannot impact or escape. However, Sponsorships at a Distance offers the opportunity to impact the life of such a needy child, a disabled person, a young adult or even a seminarian. You can be a positive force, and help us make a big change, for just a small donation each month.

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We develop genuine Catholic communities through inter-religious dialogue and charitable work, all done with a focus on social justice. Above all, we bridge the gap that isolation, both physical and spiritual, can cause. We provide clean water, sustainable food sources, electricity, shelter, warm beds, medication, hospitals, schools, and even new places of worship. To sum it up: we don’t spread the Word of God, we witness it to others.

PIME Spiritual Cancer Support

Since his own battle with an aggressive form of Leukemia known as AML, Fr. Daniele Criscione intimately knows the hardship that cancer can bring into our lives. That's why he started the PIME Spiritual Cancer Support group. Sign up to have Fr. Daniele pray for you or a loved one who is fighting cancer.

July 9, 2020

The Coronavirus in the Bangladeshi Megalopolis

Fr. Gian Paolo Gualzetti, who stands beside the young workers in the industrial suburbs of Dhaka, Bangladesh, reveals the trying situation. "The economic pressure and hunger here are stronger than any other country in lockdown. We try to help those facing the most difficulty. Medicine here? The best is still prayer with acetaminophen three times a day."

Our Approach

Any charitable work that we commit ourselves to is done with a sustainable future in mind, and a constant respect for local cultures and established religions. Put simply, we provide the humanitarian aid that our charitable supporters fund in order to help the least fortunate, all while promoting dialogue.


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