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PIME Missionaries have been present in Detroit for close to 70 years. During that time, the PIME Center has been home to many programs and events, including youth groups, weddings, workshops, and more. Today, we continue to support our missions and missionaries across the globe from this location. As the PIME United States Mission Center and Regional Headquarters, we aim to promote mission awareness and work with multilingual communities in America and elsewhere. Our local presence in Detroit allows us to collaborate with churches in our area and remain engaged with our over-all goals of human development, the promotion of justice and peace across cultures, and pastoral care of newly founded Catholic communities.


The PIME Missionaries are committed to transforming lives across seas and right at home in Detroit. We use our experience of language and cultural barriers to help those who may be struggling in urban communities, like Detroit. We also work to make lives better at home by providing physical and spiritual support overall. Getting involved with PIME in Detroit can be done by attending our missionary retreats, attending and supporting PIME events, making use of our center's facilities, or by making a direct donation for local mission activities!

Utilize Our Detroit PIME Center Facilities for:

  • -Confirmations
  • -Youth Group Retreats
  • -Ministry Meetings
  • -Marriage Prep Programs
  • -Bible Studies
  • -Prayer Group Meetings
  • -Engagement Photos
  • -Masses for Special Occasions
  • -Confirmation Retreats
  • -Corporate Events
  • -Weddings & Receptions
  • -Family Reunions
  • -& More!
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