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Do you have the spirit of a missionary? Not everyone can travel to remote regions to serve God's people, but through your stewardship, you allow us to respond to the needs of some of the world's most vulnerable souls. The PIME Missionaries offer many opportunities for you to share your resources to directly benefit specific projects in the missions. From clean water initiatives to housing projects, orphanages to chapel repairs, many undertakings need sponsorship.

When you donate to a specific mission partnership, you can be confident your resources will be used to directly provide for its completion. If the project, child, or mission you choose to support is completely funded when we receive your donation, we will direct it to another worthwhile project in our missions. While our Fathers, Brothers, Lay People, and Volunteers serve the people in our current missions, we ask you to support by praying for them and for the continuation of social, economical, and spiritual development in these areas.

Bishop angelo ramazzotti

Bishop Angelo Ramazzotti named Venerable

In recognition of his "heroic virtue" PIME founder Bishop Angelo Ramazzotti, was named Venerable.

Our lady confidence

Our Lady of Confidence

The Madonna della Fiducia (Our Lady of Confidence) is a beautiful portrait of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus in her arms.

The pime vocation

The PIME Vocation

PIME's first priority is the proclamation of the Gospel to non-Christians, for over 150 years, PIME missionaries have ventured to remote regions.

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