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    • What cities in Cameroon does PIME have a presence in?

      PIME has a presence in the Far North Region of Cameroon in Yagoua, Kaele, Mouda, Maroua, and the capital of Yaoundé. PIME has been spreading the Gospel and serving the people of Cameroon since 1967. This year PIME is celebrating 50 years of evangelization in Cameroon.

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    • What are the people of Cameroon like?

      People of cameroon

      The missionaries are present in both worlds, the modernized capital and the desert rural north. In the more rural areas they are present to teach and give life necessities, managing schools and the application of water systems. In the cities such as Yaoundé, they are present to help struggling families and homeless at-risk youth who have migrated there from the countryside, like the work of Fr. Maurizio Bezzi. The family system suffers the normal malaise that takes place all over the continent of Africa. Families are often a rough construct, with Fathers often taking on several partners and fathering multiple children while providing parental guidance to none. Although this is not the case everywhere, it is often still the case in many areas where mothers are left to raise the children with the assistance of the village.

    • What are the conditions of this country?

      Life in the arid Far North region of Cameroon is inarguably difficult. The receding Lake Chad and encroaching desert in on all sides makes finding sustainable food and water a chore. Starvation is the main enemy in this area. Thsese problems are exacerbated by the violence perpetrated by the Islamist Extremist group Boko Haram, which literally means: “Western Education is forbidden or proscribe by Islamic Law”. These terrorists made their mark on the area in 2014 by kidnapping 276 female students from a college in Nigeria. They are not the only sources of unabashed violence in this region, however, as the government will constantly use muscle to strong-arm people off of land that could contain oil or other interests. These two are in addition to the run-of-the-mill bandits who run amok in the rural North. Fr. George recounting that when threatened with their visit that he would sleep on the floor in the hopes that, “they would shoot over me in the night”.

      Life in the city is more modernized than the outer regions, opposite the problems of life-necessities faced in the Far North region, water and other modern hospitalities are afforded here. However, money is something that is difficult to come by, with an unemployment rate over 16% and the presidency of Paul Biya continuing on since 1982, the government and its structures here are renowned as some of the most corrupt in the world. Here PIME stands as a witness to quell the anger felt by these individuals who otherwise feel totally abandoned by those who are implicitly supposed to help them.

    • What is the weather like in Cameroon?

      The weather in the country is generally arid and desert-like; the unpaved roads here become a talcum powder-like dust. The missions in the Far North, or Extreme North, live up to their name. Every climatic change is the most extreme that it can possibly be: when it is hot it is extremely hot, when it is cold it is extremely cold, the rains are extreme downpours when they come, and when they are gone extreme arid, dry weather is left in their wake. The rainy season, from June to October, turns this premise on its head transforming many of the roads to mud. That is, where the rain can be absorbed into the soil, large deluges can cause some areas to turn into marshland or small lakes for long periods of time. The Far North region also contains areas in neighboring countries where the landscape has much more vegetation and is typically mountainous.

    • What are some of the threats a Father faces in this country? What are some hurdles PIME has overcome in building faith in this country?

      Missionaries in this area face the normal life-sustaining threats seen in several of the mission countries: even if food is an established and easily obtainable resource, clean water can be hard to find without any measures towards well or water pump installations taken. In addition to these difficulties of necessity, Boko Haram is an ever-present and ominous threat in the area. Through violence and kidnappings they have established themselves as a major threat in the region. A product of violence and discrimination of Nigerian Muslims against Christian Communities in the region, there have been several religious kidnapped or otherwise harassed. Violence perpetrated by the group has displaced thousands around the Lake Chad basin in the Extreme North of the country. The group is said to have a death toll close to 11,000 over the past five years.

      Among these threats to daily sustainability, PIME missionaries face the trouble of ministering to the faithful in this region. Despite these desperate conditions, the people of the village where PIME missions are kind and religious, even welcoming a priest as a village Father figure in some cases.

    • What does the civil landscape look like in Cameroon? How do politics affect the work PIME does in this country?

      The political scene of the country is said to be one of the most corrupt in the world. The country was given over to the French and English as a reparation of Germany for World War I. In 1960 French Cameroon gained independence from France led by President Ahmadou Ahidjo, with British held Western Cameroon joining them in 1961. Pesident Ahidjo’s political party, the Cameroon National Union (CNU), became the sole legal political party on 1 September 1966 and in 1972 the federal system of government was abolished in favor of a United Republic of Cameroon, headed from Yaoundé. Ahidjo pursued an economic policy of planned liberalism, prioritizing cash crops and petroleum development. The government used oil money to create a national cash reserve, pay farmers, and finance major development projects; however, many initiatives failed when Ahidjo appointed unqualified allies to direct them.

      On November 4, 1982 President Ahidjo stepped down, leaving power to his successor, Paul Biya. President Paul Biya has held power there since this event in 1982. Cameroon's legal system is largely based on French civil law with common law influences. Although nominally independent, the judiciary falls under the authority of the executive's Ministry of Justice. The president appoints judges at all levels. The judiciary is officially divided into tribunals, the court of appeal, and the Supreme Court. The National Assembly elects the members of a nine-member High Court of Justice that judges high-ranking members of government in the event they are charged with high treason or harming national security. Its judiciary system is the most corrupt in the world.

    • What are some projects PIME has completed in this area?

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      One of the primary advocates of good work in the Far North region is the Bethlehem Foundation in Mouda. They specialize in treating medical condition such as surgery, prostatic limbs, hearing aids, therapy and ongoing rehabilitation. Many of PIME’s disabled Sponsorships in the program come from this great establishment. They help both the physically and mentally handicapped from the surrounding area by providing them with specialized treatment, education, and room and board. The ongoing project (10006) has been integrated in order to fund the training of the staff there.

      There are also several hospitals, health centers, and maternal clinics across the country that PIME either operates or lends aid in the form of donated funds or supplies.

Do you have the spirit of a missionary? Not everyone can travel to remote regions to serve God's people, but through your stewardship, you allow us to respond to the needs of some of the world's most vulnerable souls. The PIME Missionaries offer many opportunities for you to share your resources to directly benefit specific projects in the missions. From clean water initiatives to housing projects, orphanages to chapel repairs, many undertakings need sponsorship.

When you donate to a specific mission partnership, you can be confident your resources will be used to directly provide for its completion. If the project, child, or mission you choose to support is completely funded when we receive your donation, we will direct it to another worthwhile project in our missions. While our Fathers, Brothers, Lay People, and Volunteers serve the people in our current missions, we ask you to support by praying for them and for the continuation of social, economical, and spiritual development in these areas.

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