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  • Medical projects


    All over the world there is sickness, disease, and suffering. As an overall goal to provide spiritual and physical healing, The PIME Missionaries work hard to bring solutions through medical projects. We want to make it possible for those who need it most to receive medical care, and for their families to be able to resume a normal life throughout the expenses. With your donations we help build facilities and resources like hospitals, medical clinics, medications, and medical equipment, in the missions, that will continue to support the sick, injured, and weak. Please join us in healing His people.

  • Education projects


    We believe in showing citizens of the world how they can make a difference in their lives and their community. In many places, life and roles haven't changed since inception. It's our goal to provide resources through educational projects and show His people the avenues to success. Our educational programs offer training in skilled trades and provide support for future employment overall. Contributing to PIME's educational projects means you'll be helping to provide the costs of teaching, education supplies, and the tools and construction needs of educational institutes.

  • Social dev projects


    PIME's main purpose is to provide physical and spiritual healing and aid to the most underprivileged people in 17 countries across the world. We promote social justice and peace throughout our social development projects, which could range from clean water initiatives to encouraging women to pursue careers and leadership. We work with through many lingual and cultural barriers to make substantial social transformations happen. When you contribute to social development projects, you will help provide the resources and equipment necessary for each initiative.

  • Pastor projects


    Bringing the Gospel, healing spiritually and physically, and sustaining new Catholic communities is what PIME works hard to do the world over. Our Catholic priests and brothers commit themselves to lifelong missionary service, which involves approaching missions at a "from scratch" standpoint, regardless of existing religious affiliations. Some of our pastoral projects include building a safe place to worship or a chapel, providing supplies needed for sacrament, building of catechism classrooms for local parishes, and sustaining our dedicated priests and brothers. Join us in bringing hope to His people.

  • Emergency projects


    Natural disasters, widespread illness, and war unfortunately affects lives across the globe. Many of these events call for emergency help where necessary resources aren't readily available. PIME pays special attention to these events and lends financial and physical help where it is needed. By contributing to our emergency projects, you'll be helping to provide resources and funding for healing where it's needed the absolute most at any given time.

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Help PIME Provide Hope and Healing

Our dedicated missionaries go where others will not, tasked with the great responsibility of caring for and fostering villages, groups, and individuals. It's PIME's goal to bring hope and healing both physically and spiritually to those who need it the most the world over. Without our beneficiaries and generous contributions from our supporters around the world, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Help us stand for the people, their well-being, and fair treatment and make a difference by donating to The PIME Missionaries today.

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There Are So Many Ways You Can Help PIME!

Supporting PIME is easy with so many causes to give to! Making a general donation will allow PIME to direct funds where they’re needed most. The PIME Missionaries stand for the people and their well-being around the globe by providing hope and healing to His people. PIME is able to support missions, projects, and people locally and globally thanks to your generous contributions.

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