How Do We

Develop Communities?

Energy Projects 

Electricity is needed not only for the light that it provides but also for water purifying, or pumping, that remote communities need. Generators are a short-term solution, they don’t fix the problem.

With an aim towards a sustainable change, PIME supports projects for solar panels and different types of lasting generators that can provide a lasting solution.

Medical Projects

Rural communities in modern countries are still threatened by ancient diseases like Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease). Despite it nearly being wiped out around the world. This is often due to a lack of medical assistance.

PIME doesn’t seek to cure these illnesses, but to prevent the spread of them permanently.

Even in isolated communities these projects provide a system of medical aid for today and well into the future.

Water Projects 

Well-drilling, rainwater purification, and water pumps are the complicated solutions necessary to provide a basic need. Dirty water takes the lives of countless men, women, and children all over the world. Water pumps may need to span the length of a desert, rocky terrain, or lush forest to reach the communities that need them. The change that they provide often makes them look small by comparison: the purification of existing or new water sources helps to stop needless loss of life from dirty water sources.

In short: clean water means a future with hope.

Nutritional Projects

We strive to make sure that we don’t just feed a community for a day, but that we provide the foundation and teaching to provide for them for a life time.

Ensuring the right soil, crops, and practices are put into place helps to provide the most isolated with the means to live, not just survive. We ensure that a structure exists to make sure there is food for today, food for tomorrow, and food to share with the next generation.

Chapel Projects 

Chapels in small villages serve as more than places of worship, they are the hearts of the community.

PIME chapels have served as meeting places, sanctuaries for refugees, places to learn and study, they are the cornerstones that isolated Christians rely upon. However, they are too expensive for the people who need them most. PIME friends who support the construction of a chapel leave a lasting, physical testament to their love of their neighbor by giving them a place to celebrate the Sacraments, and to bask in the light of God’s love.

Catholic Missionaries caring for and developing communities around the world