Tuxawa Donato,  a leader among the indigenous tribe, sits with Sateré Mawé youth in native dress.

The Missionary of the Sateré Mawé

By Giorgio Bernardelli When Fr. Enrico Uggé arrived in 1971, they were close to extinction. Today there are 10 times more of them, thanks to the Indigenous School. The boat docks and the children immediately appear on the bank. After all, it is a bit difficult to go unnoticed in a village like Simao, a […]

Fr. Pat Murphy washes the feet of a Latin-American boy on Holy Thursday.

Beyond the Wall

By Anna Pozzi At the Migrant House in Tijuana, close to the border, the Scalabrinian Missionaries welcome Central American immigrants and Mexicans deported from the US. Their mission: to try to give them a future in the new year, and beyond. “We start 2019 with a lot of momentum, and many projects, one of these […]


Among the Least of the Cardboard City

Among the Least of the Cardboard City By Fr. Mario Ghezzi, PIME Fr. Damiano Tina, a PIME Missionary at Ecatepec, works in one of the shanty towns on the outskirts of Mexico City: “I’m here to stay with those who live on the edges of society. Often I meet the Lord, who is already working […]


The Lost Eden of Fr. Stefano

The Lost Eden of Fr. Stefano Lakewood is as picturesque as any other paradise; unfortunately the area is highly contested by interests, and plagued by violence.By Gerolamo Fazzini For twelve years Fr. Stefano Mosca, PIME, has been working in Lakewood, a natural paradise in the southern part of the Philippines. A beautiful area that is […]


Amapá: 70 Years of PIME in the Amazons

Amapá: 70 Years of PIME in the Amazons Fr. Bouba Enock confers with a young man after Mass. Fr. Bouba and Fr. Giancarlo Vecchiato travelgreat distances to share the Word with 100 communities along the banks of the Amazon.By  Ana Claudia MachadoIn 1948, Bishop Pirovano and Fr. Cerqua arrived in Macapá, where the missionaries would follow […]


A Worker’s Mission

Fr. Gian Paolo Gualzetti poses for a photo in front of a Mother Teresa mural in Dhaka, Bangladesh.By Anna PozziIn the industrial area on the outskirts of Dhaka, Fr. Gian Paolo Gualzetti carries out a very special apostolate: support for young workers who are often forced to work jobs that are exhausting, unsafe, and poorly […]


Silence in the Heart of Bangkok

It’s hard to picture a cloistered religious group thriving in a bustling cityscape like Bangkok, but it is for this exact solitude and witness that people are choosing this unique vocation.By Stefano Vecchia In the commercial and financial heart of the Thai capital an ancient presence of Carmelite nuns remains in a bustling cityscape.  People […]


Brother Ocean

Brother Ocean The Pacific Ocean viewed from Woodlark Island in Papua New Guinea, the station of the PIME Missionaries’first martyr, Blessed John Mazzucconi.By Fr. Giorgio Licini, PIME In Poland, the UN returns to discussing a report about climate by the Caritas of the Pacific states. An ecological question coincides with the recognition of the bond […]


The Saints Next Door

The Saints Next DoorBy Fr. Piero Masolo, PIME In Algeria for the past four years, a PIME Missionary re-reads the figures of the 19 Algerian martyrs to be beatified: “I often feel that they are accompanying me.” “Our Church is experiencing an intense joy, we are given the grace of being able to remember our […]