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PIME Mourns Fr. Nelson

Father Nelson Meshian, a young Indian PIME Missionary, died this past Sunday in India. Just as he was preparing to leave for Brazil in 2013, he discovered he had a brain tumor. His life was committed to the mission, within his suffering from a serious illness. PIME mourns the death of one of its young […]

Bishop Vijay blesses faithful in the Srikakulam Diocese.

Coronavirus in Rural India

By Giorgio Bernardelli  Where are the thousands of rural, Indian migrants forced to leave the city because of the lockdown? Bishop Vijay Rayarala, PIME Missionary and Bishop of the Diocese of Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh, India, explains the situation. “There are families from our parishes who arrived here on foot after having traveled thousands of […]

Fr. Gian Paolo Gualzetti, PIME, works with rural communities, but he primarily serves in the city of Dhaka.

The Coronavirus in the Bangladeshi Megalopolis

By Fr. Gian Paolo Gualzetti, PIME What follows is the testimony of Fr. Gian Paolo Gualzetti, who stands beside the young workers in the industrial suburbs of Dhaka, Bangladesh. “The economic pressure and hunger here are stronger than any other country in lockdown. We try to help those facing the most difficulty. Medicine here? The […]

Sister Laura Cantoni  at the Father Ferruccio Colombo Hospital in Amazonas.

The Unequal Fight Against the Virus in The Amazon

By Emanuela Citterio Sister Laura Cantoni recounts the drama of the fight against Covid-19 from the Diocesan Hospital of Parintins. It is a struggle with very few means and a great deal of dedication in the Amazon, which has been increasingly affected by the virus. “The great concern these days is that the virus is […]

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Hong Kong, Security and Appeals

By Fr. Gianni Criveller, PIME Even after SARS – in 2003 – Beijing tried in vain to introduce a “national security law” that would gag Hong Kong’s democracy. Today, Xi Jinping is trying to empty the local parliament, where the opposition will have a majority in September. Carrie Lam says she will help implement the […]

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Record Amazon Deforestation Amdist the Pandemic

By Andrea Guerra  In April, the Amazon rainforest recorded a 171% increase in the rate of deforestation, the worst in ten years. Taking advantage of the controls made milder by anti-COVID measures, 328 square miles of forest were stolen, burnt down by corrupt farmers and ranchers. The Brazilian region of Parà was the most affected […]

Fr. Maurizio Arioldi, PIME, has devoted much of his life to helping the people of Thailand.

Thailand, Ora et Labora During Lockdown

By Fr. Maurizio Arioldi, PIME The following is the testimony of Fr. Maurizio Arioldi, a PIME Missionary working in Ngao among the tribes of the mountains of northern Thailand during the Coronavirus pandemic. We publish it here not only for the story that he offers on what COVID-19 represents for Thailand today but also to […]

Fr Dennis Koltz Attacked

PIME Missionary Attacked Defending the Earth

By Andrea Guerra Fr. Dennis Koltz, an American PIME Missionary serving in the Diocese of Macapà, Brazil, was hit repeatedly and had his car rammed by a fazendeiro, for investigating license irregularities for a plot of land. An act of violence that is part of the daily war that strips small, Amazonian farmers of their […]