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The Primary Works of Our Missionaries

How do our missionary priests and brothers service the underprivileged in 17 countries, bringing them hope, healing, and the Gospel message? In a short answer:

They don't do it alone.

The PIME Missionaries rely on our benefactors to pray for us, raise mission awareness, and provide for the very real needs of our missions. "General Works" refers to the primary works of our missionaries – the most important way that we touch the lives of the poor all over the world. There are great needs in our missions that must be provided for; needs that are not always met through our other programs.

When you provide for General Works, you are helping the PIME Missionaries become as effective as possible in completing their mission in:

  • • Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • • Healing spiritually and physically
  • • Sustaining new Catholic communities
  • • Providing for the physical needs of missionaries and those they serve
"If we keep life only for ourselves, then it withers. Life is radiant from the moment we give it to others." –Blessed Clement Vismara, PIME
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The PIME Missionaries are Catholic priests and brothers who commit themselves to lifelong missionary service, especially to non-Christians. PIME stands for the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in Latin. PIME, founded in Italy in 1850, is an International Society of Apostolic Life with about 500 members in 17 countries. The United States region of PIME focuses its efforts by being at the service of the Church both locally and globally.

PIME's priority is the proclamation of the Gospel. We strive to be creative in our presence and witness as we engage in the promotion of dialogue among people of all religions and cultures. We are actively involved in human development and the promotion of justice and peace. Our ministries include the foundation of schools, hospitals and clinics, orphanages, and founding new Catholic communities and providing their pastoral care.

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Explore PIME Missionaries'
History, Martyrs, and Saints

As a pontifical institute with the sole purpose of missionary work to non-Christians, PIME strongly feels the responsibility of contributing according to its original charism to the demands of the Church in the third millennium: becoming the People of God.

Delve Into PIME Missionaries' History
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Without the inspiration and dedication of PIME's Martyrs and Saints to the cause, our Missionaries wouldn't be what they are today. Since 1850, 19 PIME Missionaries have given their lives while serving in the missions. In addition to two PIME Martyrs, sixe PIME Priests, one PIME Brother, and one Lay Missionary associated with PIME are being considered for canonization by the Catholic Church to be Saints. Learn about the incredible work these Martyrs and Saints completed before their departure from earth, to understand the depth of what PIME has done throughout history.