Jerusalem: The Home of All Peoples

Jerusalem: The Home of All Peoples Children play in the backyard of Casa Rachele. By Giorgio Bernadelli The children of immigrant workers and asylum seekers live in the Holy City without any protection; they speak Hebrew and feel part of Israel. The experience of welcoming all people is ever-present in Casa Rachele (Rachel’s Home). From […]

Repatriation Dangers for Salvadorian Girls

Repatriation Dangers for Salvadorian Girls By Sara Milanese In San Salvador, teenage girls rejected by the United States due to migration policies are forced to hide themselves from the same danger from which they had fled: criminal gangs, known for their ferocity. They change their hairstyle and dye their hair a different color; they learn […]

Witness and Journalist

Witness and Journalist Even in his elder years Fr. Piero worked tirelessly for the beatification cause of countless PIME Missionaries, including: Giovanni Mazzucconi, Paolo Manna, Clemente Vismara, Mario Vergara, and more recently Alfredo Cremonesi. By Fr. Bernardo Cervellera, PIME “Nowadays, the journalism of denouncing scandals is fashionable: instead the journalism of Fr. Piero Gheddo, PIME, […]