Myanmar and the Rohingya

The Myanmar Government “mops up” evidence of violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority – This is the accusation leveled by activists and international NGO’s that criticize the findings published by an investigative government commission. Following the investigation, the “independent” panel denied violence, adding: “The presence of mosques is evidence that persecution is not going on.” […]

Isis and the Rohingya

The investigations into the massacre of July 1 in Dhaka are uncovering direct links with the Islamic State. It is feared that the “fighters” returning from Syria and Iraq might find a new breeding ground among the Rohingya refugees, who are still coming in from Myanmar. Written by: Stefano Vecchia In Bangladesh the investigations of […]

Burakumin: The Japanese No One Wants to Hear About

In Japan some professions are still associated with the Burakumin: a minority discriminated against for centuries in the country. On paper, they have all the rights of other Japanese citizens; however, they are still subject to prejudices. They are called “Burakumin,” which literally means “village folks.” There are about three million of them and they […]

A Missionary in a Rioting Prison

The story of Father Bosco, a PIME missionary who celebrated Mass on New Year’s Day in the penitentiary where 60 people were killed in a clash between gangs. The Archdiocese of Manaus states: “The root of the problem lies in the privatization of prisons.” Fr. Bosco had witnessed the tensions between rival drug gangs in […]

We Do What We Do, Not Because You Are Catholic, But Because We Are Catholic

A Reflection by Fr. Marco Brioschi, PIME Missionaries We don’t usually think of the United States as “mission territory.” However, much to my surprise, I discovered in my assignment to Brooklyn, New York, not only people from all over the world, but the need to re-define what I am called to do as a “missionary.” […]