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Providing Hope and Healing

In Jesus’ day, lepers were social outcasts, their lives formed by stigma and suffering.

Relegated to remote colonies, they suffered the disfigurement and disability of an incurable disease misunderstood by most people.

Today, thousands still suffer from leprosy, now known as Hansen’s disease. Even more suffer from tuberculosis, malnutrition, and malaria. Millions more are affected by HIV/AIDS, the modern scourge that has killed more than 25 million people since 1981.


Providing a Healing Touch


The most generous gift you sent last time enabled me to help this young boy, Krupakar, and his family.

Krupakar became very sick suddenly and was admitted in the hospital for more than two months. Really it is very sad news because only one year ago his father passed away. Slowly the family is recovering from that situation, by the grace of God. But unfortunately this boy became a patient.

One evening this boy Krupakar came back home from his boarding school and told his mother that the he had been hit with a soccer ball and was in much pain. The next morning we observed that his leg was very swollen below his knee. Then I immediately advised them to let us go to the hospital. The doctors checked him and told that his leg had become septic. They also told us he had to undergo surgery; otherwise he might lose his leg.

He was in the hospital for almost two months, needing costly medicines and injections. Slowly he recovered, with the grace of God. During those two months his mother suffered very much, bearing the medical expenses as well as for the cost of food. The only source of money for her family’s food is begging. It became impossible even for her to do that because she had to take care of her son. So, with the help of MMR, I provided them with help for medicines and food. Our colony also helped this family with cooking and they prayed for a speedy recovery. See how preciously your generous gifts helped to save a boy life’s? Along with all the families, I do not know how to thank God for such great love and kindness we are blessed with through your thoughtfulness! Especially the elderly sick patients, who are supported by MMR, remind me every day to express to all of you their deep gratitude. They pray particularly for all of you and all the kind benefactors.

Please continue to pray for us.

Sincerely yours in Christ,




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